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Start screening programmers with QuodeIt &
Never lose good candidates again in initial filtering.

screen thousands of programmers with one test

Filter like wizard

Got a pile of Resume’s? Still a guess working on candidate’s skills shown on Resume and LinkedIn profile?

Don’t just talk to anybody, verify their skills by inviting them for coding tests on QuodeIt. Interview only the best and hire faster.

Choose from library of already made tests and screen faster

We value your time

Dont' spend time creating tests, we have already created tests for you. These ready made test are built on the basis of language and experience level.

Select the test and invite candidates. QuodeIt automatically evaluates their codes and show you best of them.

Know your candidate even before taking his interview

Know your candidate first

Get a deeper understanding about your potential hires before taking their interviews.

Know if they like to over-engineer on a problem, do they dive right in or how easy is their code to read and much more about the candidate.


What companies think about QuodeIt

QuodeIt is helping our clients to filter out the incompetent candidates from their interview process. And thus saving overall 40% of their time.

I would highly recommend to use QuodeIt for your initial filtering of the programmers.

testimonial Vikas

Vikas Shinde

CEO, Vibrantminds Technologies

We have been using QuodeIt’s Scaleable and easy to use APIs for our company. We are very pleased with the support given by their team while integration.

With QuodeIt we manage to take 1000’s of tests simultaneously.

testimonial Pradeep

Pradeep Upadhyay

CTO, Almamapper

It’s very hard to predict candidate’s skills through CVs and LinkedIn profiles, We use QuodeIt’s automated coding tests to verify candidate’s skills.

With QuodeIt we have managed to weed out candidates who are only great on CVs.

testimonial Indrajeet

Indrajeet Patil

CEO, Cereble Robotics


Let data do the talk

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