Hire programmers' based on skills
and not on just resumes

reduce your hiring time by 40%

Create tests with ease

Test your potential hire by their knowledge, logic, how they handle the corner cases, how efficient and optimised code they can write.

Pre-built testsPre-built tests

To save your time, we have created various skill-based tests according to job positions required for every product based company.

question libraryQuestion Library

We have built a library of 1500+ MCQ and Coding based questions. We update the library with new questions each week.

easiest way to create tests

import questionsImport MCQ questions

Along with the coding questions you can also import MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) from our library or create your own.

private libraryMaintain your Private Library

If you already have questions, you can maintain them in a private library which will be exclusively available only for you.

languagesNumber of available languages

Your potential hire can solve the coding questions in 9 languages that are C, C++, Java, Objective-C, Ruby, Python, C#, PHP, Javascript.

bulk uploadBulk Upload of questions

Upload multiple questions in one go to your test or private library.

Customize your tests your way

Customize your test according your requirement and invite the candidates to the test.

candidate informationTake Candidate information

Need specific candidate details? QuodeIt will capture these details from candidates before they appear for the test.

instructionsCustomizable Instructions

Give your candidate the company and recruitment specific instructions before they appear for the test.

Customize test for better results

url sharingShareable URL

We generate a unique shareable URL for each test which you can share with anyone. Ideal in the case of campus placement.

bulk invite candidatesInvite Candidates at once

Already have a list of candidates with emails, upload the list and invite all at once.

logo uploadUpload your logo

Upload your logo and candidates will be able to see your logo on test window.

Be aware of potential cheating

Your potential hire can take the test from anywhere, increasing the chances of cheating. We have implemented some proctoring features which prevent cheating in tests.

warningAbnormal activity warning

A warning is shown to candidates if any abnormal activity is detected like switching from their test window, minimizing their test window or opening a new application.

keys blockedKeyboard keys blocked

Candidates cannot copy & paste from test window, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Right click etc, are blocked.

strong proctoring for unbaised results

Random Q&ARandom Question & Answers

Randomizing questions and answers reduce the chances of cheating in hiring where many candidates give test simultaneously.

proctoringWebcam Proctoring

We are adding webcam proctoring soon which will remove the chances of cheating completely when giving test remotely.

Know Your Candidate before the interview

Know your potential hire even before they appear for the interview through QuodeIt with one simple coding test. Let us provide you with a holistic view of your potential hire.

live rankingLive Ranking

You don't have to wait for all candidates to finish the test to check how they performed, get the candidates' results live.

Analytical reportBasic Analytical Report

Generated reports for each candidate will tell you if they like to over-engineer a problem or do they dive right in. How easy their code is to read and much more about a candidate.

take hiring decisions on quantative data

Export data to ExcelExport Data in Excel

We all love Excel, export your all ranking data to excel which can be easily shareable with your colleagues and other people.

Filter candidate dataFilter Candidate Data

Filer your ranking data on different parameters. These parameters are also based on information obtained from the candidates.

Candidates public linksCandidates Public Links

Get candidates public profile links like LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Behance, Github etc, at one place.

pass & failPass & Fail

Give Pass/Fail criteria and get only those candidates who fulfill this criterion.

shotlist candidatesShortlist and convey the result

Shortlist the candidates you like and convey to them the next steps in your recruitment process through QuodeIt.

Integrate QuodeIt's scaleable APIs easily

API Integration

Already have a system? Utilize our reliable APIs to empower your system. Robust, clean, developer-friendly APIs that let you focus on building great products without worrying about integration. The restful API provides a programmatic interface for performing all kinds of actions with required parameters. For more details shoot us an email on: support[at]quodeit[dot]com (support@quodeit.com)


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